Doctor Izabela

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Feb 14, 2017

Sonnet for Dr Izabela

From Baltic coast you ventured on a quest
As England's forebears came in ages past
From Hanseat haven voyaged to the west
But not in conquest save perhaps of hearts
You brought no strife but tender love and care
Armed only with your knowledge and your skill
And these you plied with wisdom all too rare
To many who admire and prize them still
You played your role with warmth, charm and grace
Time never seemed to want when in your presence
One felt safe, reassured while in that space
With such endowments that were of your essence
So take with you our blessings and our prayers
And we will keep your memory through the years

Dr Izabela Davies has announced her plan to retire from
General practice in Sandhurst, after decades of caring
service to local patients. Dr Izabela originated from Gdansk,
the old Hanseatic port on the Baltic.
Note that the Anglo Saxons, not always passive immigrants to Britain contributing to a nation that was to become England, originated in lands bordering the Baltic Sea


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Cecilia Crasto commented:
A glowing tribute to a lady who was obviously much admired and respected. Excellent poem.
Arch Angel commented:
You write like my english teacher. Which is wonderful!!!
Christopher Russon commented:
A lovely tribute and a lovely poem.


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