poem by: Diana McCormack
Written on Dec 25, 2013

It was the beginning of autumn and the trees have just started to change their leaves. They all look so beautiful in the morning, where the leaves have fallen over night and still damp from the night dew. 
And yet! There in the back of our minds we knew the time was drawing near, in our pain and suffering we found God, we were hoping for healing to take place, as we held on to the love that we shared. 
Please God, look after my family, as you have always done, so when I’m gone and they can no longer see me in the physical they’ll find comfort in your arms alone.
 I was going out of my mind, when the doctor’s say there’s no hope. My God, how will I cope? What will I tell the children? 
When the final moment arrive my heart shattered into millions of tiny pieces, I clutch unto my chest as though to stop the pieces from falling. It was too late the best part of me was gone. Oh God! Why couldn't you take me instead!
As I lay there in my bed wiping the tears from my eyes, overwhelm by my thoughts, the things we have said and done. Oh God! All our hopes, dreams and plans, how can I go on?
God, you must have a plan! As time went on you held my hand, you send support through my family and friends. Day by day your love surrounds me and the children. 
God! Your time is different from that of men, when we think life is over it’s only just began. Thank you for your grace and mercy and for being my friend.				
My Love,
I will give you a white rose, to signify the purity of our love.
I will give you a red rose, to signify as Christ shed his blood for us in love, I loved you with all my heart. 
I will give you a blue rose, to signify I’ll forget you not, because my love for you is as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky above. 
And as the leaves fall to the ground and the rose shed its petals. It reminds me that everything has its season, but God’s love is unchanging. Peace


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greg woods commented:
Janet Vick commented:
This presents to overwhelming feelings we have when a part of us passes into His hands before we do. Take care. janet


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