Merry Christmas

poem by: Greg Woods
Written on Dec 24, 2013

"Merry Christmas", he mumbled as he looked at the open door.
"The kids don't come to visit much anymore".
"Well I suppose they have their own lives to lead,
the main thing is that they all succeed".

"Yes,_ that's my greatest wish,
that they never go hungry and look at an empty dish".
"Yes,_ that would be the greatest Christmas wish for me,
never mind the presents, decorations or tree".

"Well,_ they've all got their own kids now,
they don't want to be hang'n round here anyhow".
"Listen'n to a grumpy old fella like me,
oh well,_ if they turn up ,_ they turn up,_ it's all under the tree".

"Gee!_ next door's all crowded out,
cars all whichaways".
"they're have'n one of them family reunions,
seems to be in thing these days".

"Who's this?_ come in,_ Merry Christmas, can I offer you a drink?
Oh!_ the Wilsons,_they're three doors down I think".
"That's ok,_ it's a pleasure,_ have a good Christmas day,
oh well,_ I'd better start putting this ham and stuff away".


Tags: sad, hope,

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Freesa Khan commented:
Merry Christmas, is there room for one more??


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