The Passive Voice

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Feb 06, 2017


In Italy a glorious Voice was employed by Pavarotti
In England we've a different voice we employ with verbs of action
But the way we do, the logic seems not a little dotty
For the verbs can be voiced in the PASSIVE, which sounds like a contradiction or infraction

Just consider: if someone is being active
There is something that someone is doing
And you'd  think that being passive
Means that doing they are eschewing

But we need not be hopeless or cynical
Say it' s just British illogic or insanity
We'll be annoyingly rational and clinical
Causing foreigners to express profanity

However you parse it or say it
While in both voices something is done
In the ACTIVE we say who did it 
But in PASSIVE might not say which one

So in solving a murder for the fun of it
And answering: "Who fired the gun?"
We need not assume it was the butler who 'dun of it'
But inscrutably say: somehow it was done

Therefore the PASSIVE is my voice of choice
For my deeds despicable or infractive
But for actions worth merit that I rejoice
I will gladly indulge in the ACTIVE.


Tags: happy, humor, rhyme, riddle,


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