poem by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Feb 03, 2017


Feb 3,  2017• By daniel miltz •

Protest everywhere in the fighting streets
Applauding with erected fingers call
Gypsy dancing in all the fighting fleets
Feeling beyond any doubt could change all

Stancing and whooping with numbness hooray
Without fulfillment re-satisfying 
Social order in total disarray 
Faces are turning, never stop crying

Yowling fierce, until the deadness excites
Tis the fire, that is say, the jubilee 
Fuels the all screeching spirited lights 
Thinking upon the way things it should be

In the end, the challenges they shall face
Won't run away, but instead they shall chase


Tags: rhyme, confused, scary, fear, weird,

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Arch Angel commented:
It's a bit exaggerated. Prostest isn't supposed to be this scary I think.
Daniel Miltz commented:
I've seen the protest of the 60s and now. The ones now are scary and are not of peace.!!


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