poem by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Feb 02, 2017


{Free Verse}
Feb 2,  2017• By daniel miltz •

O' pitiful tangle of dreams gather 
Cozy in sweet dream corner 
Hidden in my drowse room 
Tonight is it’s own creation 
Cryptic within the shadows of night 
In to the out sandman fade 
Betraying no emotion
Whilst' wind is howling
The continuance of imagination rush 
Cloud dreams dash past 
As my slumber well 
Life spins fast across the night sky 
Within me mind is my vision 
Quiescence in the diameters of infinity
Deep within pressing mind 
Sleep forthwith howbeit' eyes shut 


Tags: happy, deep, encouraging, imagery, wishful,

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Arch Angel commented:
Are you a real life poet? Im 13, and I want to be a successul poet. This is fantabulous and veeeeeerrrrryyyyyy creative and words flow smoothly almost rough because of the constant alliteration used.


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