A Day Of Winter

poem by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Feb 01, 2017

A Day Of Winter 

Feb 1,  2017• By daniel miltz •

The wheezing Jack Frost morning scratches richly 
Snowflakes start to fall fitly
I take a gander at the sky so blue
Sun sparkling so bril·liant·ly true 

The evening white reflects calm 'n chill 
Cold winds blowing quite still
On a great clear hibernate day with its blinding light 
Whilst silvery goose flesh playfully glistening bright 

Nature displays her glory completely
The rising cold weather day chortles sweetly 
Oozing with outright jubilation 
And riding with passive isolation

And a brilliant dusk settles over the sky 
And boasting discreetly in euphoria high
And peacefully spins into a silent night
On a magnificent clear winter night site


Tags: happy, rhyme, inspirational, wishful,


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