poem by: Cierra Arrendale
Written on Jan 29, 2017

Here I sit on the battlefield
A warrior forced to wield
A double bladed sword of truth
You never loved me the way i loved you

The broken armor is my dreams of happiness and serenity
The shattered weapons are your lies 
That pierced my skin and made me cry

I reached for you in the darkness
But you were never there 
You were just an illusion of someone who cared

Smoke and mirros 
Broken glass 
Soon enough this pain will pass 
I'll lick my wounds and bide my time

My battle scars will prove divine
My knowledge will not cease to grow 
The next time I love I will know

The difference between war and peace


Tags: sad, love, rhyme, deep, hope,

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Christopher Russon commented:
Nice poem well written


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