Kill or be killed

poem by: Cierra Arrendale
Written on Jan 27, 2017

She's so shy
Sick and sweet
Feel the nails beneath her feet
They pierce and poke
And break the skin
Contaminate all thats within 
Eating slowly at her soul
Clouding her mind til she loses control
Feel the drug deep inside
Watch it destory far and wide
It tears away piece by piece 
Until the destruction is complete
On your knees 
Try to hold 
Onto a past 
dead and cold
Like sands
your future slips through your hands
It's time for me to take a stand 
Kill or be killed


Tags: rhyme, anger, depressing, dark, hate,

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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
You have a powerful and effective way with words, rhythm and rhyme.
Arch Angel commented:
Its good. I used a rubric i created on this... 97.5% A+


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