poem by: Cierra Arrendale
Written on Jan 27, 2017

Anger passes through me like a drug
a disease
The brewing storm within me leaves me without ease
The darkest darkness forming, 
taking me to deep
To rise again 
Or be your friend
Or even just to sleep 
Wasted nights
Empty fights
Words without meaning
Hollow echos in my head
Locked inside still screaming 
One way train wreck
To hell with this mess
Stop the nonsense
Grow a conscience
Honor my request
Stop the fight
And my blight
And ease my distress


Tags: sad, rhyme, anger, depressing, dark,

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Frank byrne commented:
That's the best way to get rid of anger a poem!......anger is a disease......Poetry is the cure...
Christopher Russon commented:
I agree with Frank.nice poem Cierra.


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