Life Story

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Jan 27, 2017


"Who wrote dese legs?" Said Milligan in Puckoon *
As he surveyed his nether limbs with disdain and dismay
While Jessica Rabbit gave the protest of every 'toon' **
"I'm not really bad. It's just that I was drawn this way"

I share Milligan's displeasure with legs and other appendages
As I guess do others, save those narcissistically vain
We seek to have some correction and make 'amendages'
Or at least find some creator whom we can blame

So God, while receiving His due credit when we pray
May be on the receiving end of much lamentation
"Oh why did you give me such faults? why make me this way?
If only you'd done better job in my creation"

Then since it's not our fault, but the way we were drawn
It's not fair, therefore those better sketched must make reparation
Thus comes about entitlement; enforced welfare is born
Correcting errors? Or just causing more enervation

But in life's dramas do we not each play some role
Maybe having some choice of the part and in writing the script
With a character choosing a purpose, determining a goal
As we stumble through props and scenery and trap-doors tripped

Regardless of who was the author of our book
Whether our lives are our own or in hands of the fates to make hay
The role we have whether hero saint or crook
Determines right now the game that we have to play

Looking to the future if given that I have a voice
In my next life if not made just from mud or other dregs
And I have the good fortune to make some personal choice
I will write myself a better pair of legs

* Puckoon - Hilarious novel by the great Spike Milligan
   ** In the film: Who framed Roger Rabbit


Tags: happy, humor, rhyme, metaphor, hope,

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Christopher Russon commented:
Well written poem Geoffrey.


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