Jobless n' Jodidos

poem by: Q. Ramirez
Written on Jan 24, 2017

Weeks seem like eternal days
filled with ephemeral hours                                      When you’re jobless
Flesh turns cold and gray 
with all the books that one devours                         When you’re jobless
Thank the Lord that you’re not homeless                Life is sour
when you feel totally useless                                    Our soul will endeavor
So you write a poem of rhyme
that might sound clever                                              When you’re jobless n’
Jodidos y sin dinero
Belly ached with pangs of poverty that pollinates
This barrio ready for the political bumblebees to take the honey
To hive their jive
Upon unsuspecting unexpecting mind souls
This gabachismo exerted through the boob-tube
Influencing dreams that break homeboy backs
A mirage of frustrations of never-come-trues
Griffoboffo cocaloco caminando andando
Con las razas que viven aqui
Amsterdambing it all in this B&B neighborhood 
Barrio of cookie fruit n’ vegetables
Oreo-black Coconut-brown Apple-red or Squash-yellow
Colors and hues coagulated in these Tejas-slums
Vehemently striving for materialism with nothingism
Ambivalent life spares no mercy
 As Dr. Yeshua helps those that help themselves
An ambler of a minatory B&B home ambling
Where crime’s mien mellifluously ambles
This place where ex-pintos amble
Jodidos y sin dinero


Tags: humor, anger, hope,

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Robert Kohlhammer commented:
I like your idea of putting spanish or latin in your poem.
Christopher Russon commented:
I tend to agree with Robert I feel Spanish and Latin makes your poem relatable to all Nationalities.well written poem.


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