Sibling Rivalry

poem by: Denise Collier
Written on Jan 18, 2017

"Sibling Rivalry"

It started after fall of man with brothers, Cain and Abel.
The Lord was pleased with one offering and this stirred up the fatal.
Cain got angry at his brother knowing that he won.
He met him in the field where there was spilled the first of blood.

Esau and Jacob tusseled for the blessing of their father.
Deceiving Dad, now Jacob would receive the prayer of honor.
The anger of Esau turned to bitterness and grudge.
It would take a long time for the hatred turn to love.

Joseph was another story of some jealous brothers.
Seeing he was favored, they sold him to the foreigners.
This was fueled by Joseph bragging to them of his dream.
The one where they would bow down to him on their bended knee.

Still today we play the game with quarrels in our own family.
It's no surprise that this occurs with those you once ate candy.
Just remember God desires for all to get along.
The feuding of this day and age will be a memory gone.


Tags: rhyme, faith, deep,


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