poem by: Jay Shades
Written on Jan 14, 2017

What is is about you? that you don't want to listen
Must I scream with a microphone connected to a million watt speaker? Shake the ground on which you stand, for you to listen.
Does it feel like am the annoying repetitive person giving you the
" I don't think you should speech"
I care more than you know.
To think of you other than myself.
Sacrificing time I will never get back by investing into you
Must I be the one who looks ahead for the future
Can you not take time out to see all the angles 
When I take a step back and the things unfold that I never wanted to happen to you.
 I will say those words I told you so.
Just remember. 


Tags: sad, love, anger, pain,

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Christopher Russon commented:
Nice well written poem.


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