Why Not Me

poem by: Cecilia Crasto
Written on Jan 01, 2017

I'm always the one who aims to please
Never the leader I drift with the breeze
Preference to others the name of the game
I play so well much to my shame
I'm the one with the crying heart
When I see someone fall apart
Prolonging the agony I defer the leap
When the gully is wide and the drop too steep
Defining myself as a fatalist
I never can see beyond the mist
If the water is calm and the stars bright
I venture with fear into the night.
It's time for Me it's time for change
To be empowered to own the stage
No more meek no more mild
Out with the old a woman of HER TIMES!


Tags: rhyme, confused, imagery,

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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Don't be too hard on yourself, Cecilia. Your self awareness and honesty are admirable and brave; not to mention your kindness to others, frequently seen in your comments on their creations. A clear and expressive poem.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Thank you Geoffrey, actually I'm pretty strong and resilient, it's my bleeding heart that gets me in trouble, but I hope I never change, you seem like a very kind person too.
Alan m commented:
A propper poem!
Alan m commented:
This world is full of both good and bad Unfortunalty less friendly the greater are sad! But you must remember the ones that love you, For they are the ones that make you shine through! You must lift your chin and think to yourself, one day good will come from the good you help! Keep your family close and your thoughts closer! Let it escape and look to the future! Come to pass the solace you seek! Find forgiveness in the close things you keep! Find that tune filled with emotion, happiness and devoition! Liquid DnB helps me heal my wounds but still take care in the steps you move. Youtube- (Etherwood- the time is here at last)
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Thank you Alan m I appreciate your comments.
Scribe Granted commented:
I don't know if this will be relevant to you but I feel like there is a lot of focus in society on being a leader. In reality, one would think there would be more followers. So followers are not taught to be good followers or to lead themselves and aren't represented like leaders are. Also, there are the drifters who choose not to lead or follow. I think this leaves a lot of people compensating by creating masks in life because they were only taught to be leaders when that may not be their calling. This is just what your poem made me think of, very inspiring, I may even write about this, sorry if I went too long. Oh and I'd love it if you checked out some of my poems :)
Christopher Russon commented:
Such a well written poem .we all carn,t be leaders Sometimes being a leader isn't always a good thing.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
I totally agree with you you Christopher, be not a leader or a follower but let God guide us.
Piya Paul Mudgal commented:
I see a 'me' here too. Beautifully penned
Maria Williams commented:
I really enjoyed this poem of yours Cecilia, you sound like a sensitive soul like me. but dont be too hard on yourself, life goes on and we beat ourselves up too much for nothing.Great work.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
That is true Maria, if you met me you would probably find a kindred spirit.
Ashok Pokharel commented:
Wonderfully crafted. Simple. Realistic. You have already begun self-realization. Great!
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
It's because you are a nice, caring sensitive person........never change the "mask" Cecilia.........nice poem..
Allison Green commented:
A beautiful story of someone realizing they are not being themselves. It leads to a feeling of self discovery. A wonderful poem.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Thank you Allison for your kind words.
Ja Ja commented:
it is enviable when someone can describe oneself so honestly. Thank you for your thoughts
Roxanne Dubarry commented:
I think it is a great poem. We are both seniors ladies! You have become an assertive woman. I wrote a poem about myself on Poetry Soup also entitled, "Why not me?" I mainly poked fun at myself.
ann parks commented:
Just what I need to read at this point in life .......thanks so much!


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