The End

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Written on Dec 31, 2016

This pain has reached a newfound level,
It won't be long until i succumb.
No remorse is shown from a god or a devil,
This anger derived from what once was numb.
My patience has been tried, and is now out of reach,
And everyone to me has lied, the time is now to beseech.
Stay away, I must warn, for vengeance is about to rise,
Too much dismay, since born, and no longer can I disguise. 
Like a molten lava stream, destroying everyone in it's path,
I must end this ugly dream, allowing all to feel my wrath.
I didn't want it to be this way, invisibility just hurts so much,
Cannot face this torment another day, disconnected and out of touch.
Myself I can never forgive, knowing this ending will never be right,
No longer the will to live, time to end this never ending fight.
Tranquility awaits me on the other side, tell me forever I will sleep,
Please lead me back home, my spirit guide, nothing left for me to reap.


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Edward shields commented:
Well written poem, life' a bitch. I can feel your pain in your poem, don't hurt yourself or other people. Put your pain on paper. Great poem.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Oh no what has happened Michael to make you so despondent, there is always someone who will listen, and you have many friends on Pondrin who read your poems and give moral support...take courage.
Good evening all. Just going through an extremely rough patch. Sometimes the harshest of feelings can be expressed in writing to act as a therapeutic release from emotional pain. Thank you for your concern, it does mean a lot to me that you care enough to comment with well wishes. I'm working my way out of this dark place of depression, if only one day at a time.
A previous user commented:
Great poem! Do you ever think what have i done to get so much grief especially from family? Keep sharing
Frank byrne commented:
Powerful poem..........but please don't get sucked into the black hole....that seems to be pulling you closer.......
Thanks Frank and Ellen. Starting over with one's life at 47 years old is a tall order. Learning day by day. Lesson after lesson. Looking for the love of my life. Believe I've found her but life keeps throwing little hurdles in my way. Dark poetry is my way of releasing inner frustrations and hurt. We all deserve and desire love; There is nothing greater. Nothing.
Frank byrne commented:
.....hope you find peace of mind.....soon........try to create a happier poem....please..
Christopher Russon commented:
Where there is dark there is always light that leads to New beginnings.I hope things will get better for you I am sure they will.
Ja Ja commented on Oct 07, 2017 at 1:39pm
A powerful poem of sadness and regret Some things in life a very hard to forget But we must go on no, matter what the pain For there is a One and a Place, that we will gain Thank you for the touching poem


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