poem by: Mingoáo Bą
Written on Dec 26, 2016

I'm none of the things
they say I am or think I am

They don't know me . . !

I'm gonna start shit . . . and hurt feelings

Silence . . ! - should be a war crime

I embrace my darkness . . my darkside

I love my hidden self
my dodgy, shady self
that protects me
from hungry eyes
that deem me prey

they crave that I indulge their thirst
they crave that I can do no worst 
than . . their intent to do me harm
and so they think . . . 
they stand in my good favour

This self . . is my bullshit monitor 
my crap alarm . !

The fight is lost or won
far away from guns and bombs . . and prying eyes
far away from truths and lies
disguised . . to look like sombre prayer
far away in the plots and subplots 
of conscience and consciousness
gravitas, perversions and perverse minds

subterfuge has found refuge in our midst

cultivating the right time . . . 

that moment, or, event
wanting more . . . of what's left of greed

thinking themselves to be Zeus
and . . this, their Olympus

Am I to fall, or, not at all
for schemes and themes
gimmicks and memes
I've recognised from an earlier time . . ?

I have not forgotten their .and. .or. these deceptions

I've heard these lyrics before . . . they resonate 
Perpetrating and Operating 

like isms . . they imprison the mind 
confined to 24/7 lockdown

The impious, preaching piety . . . 
and still we heed an uncontrolled need 

drawn . . . like rats marching to the piper's tune 

shadows . ! . . . travelling
at the speed of light
the illusion takes us there

Colourblind art critics
without depth perception
dropping bombs
that don't go off . . . still we run
the simulation is real 
in its intended purpose

It's called . . . “MindFuck Terrorism”
where one's psyche is assaulted and scared 
into condition and submission
into constant agitation and fear
you're so scared . . . you dare not piss yuhself

that's how they control us

not by swords
but by images and suggestions of swords
we are always afraid
and in that fear 
will allow anything

unlawful laws - unruly hordes 

expressions of ideas once concealed 
find air to breathe . . as free speech

open doors . . that go nowhere
just falls through . . to the other-side 

options of nothing
illusion's sleight of hands

though an option . . however cunning
is vapourous . . !

It's like religious promise
of salvation and damnation

how can both be promised . . ?

It's like God going to the Garden of Eden
And shouting “What y'all doin ?”
And Eve replies . . “We Fuckin . !” . . . “What ya Think we doin . . ?”

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Edward shields commented:
Mind boggling poem?


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