Black Sheep

poem by: Martyn Grindrod
Written on Dec 12, 2016

When I was a spring Lamb
 onlookers would stare
whose the spring Lamb
with Red Hair

When the farmer took us to market 
with his trusty bloodhound 
They all sold for hundred quid
Me the ginger a pound 

I'm the odd one out 
Black sheep in a strop 
The only sheep with freckles 
And a copper top 

Alas I'm the last sheep standing 
As you can tell 
I live five times longer
The black sheep duracell


Tags: happy, humor, rhyme, inspirational, encouraging,

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Cecilia Crasto commented:
Love the humor, and you have the last laugh.
Edward shields commented:
Strange poem are you a sheep. Or a battery?
Martyn Grindrod commented:
No Edward I'm the red head.
Martyn Grindrod commented:
Black sheep is my perception of life as a red head and the persecution I had mainly as a schoolboy but also to a lesser degree as an adult. I think any Red head will agree with me.
Christopher Russon commented:
My grand son has red hair he had a lot of stick.nice poem.
Martyn Grindrod commented:
It's just one of things Christopher. Makes you more bulletproof.
Frank byrne commented:
Clever little poem Martyn......I think red heads are fiery winners...
Martyn Grindrod commented:
We are Frank, we are 👺


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