There Once Was a Long Vanished England

poem by: Carl Halling
Written on Dec 08, 2016

There once was a long vanished England;
Of well-spoken presenters 
Of the BBC Home Service,
Light Service, and Children’s Favourites, 
Of coppers and tanners, and ten bob notes; 
And jolly shopkeepers, and window cleaners.

I remember my cherished Wolf Cub pack, 
How I loved those Wednesday evenings, 
The games, the pomp and seriousness of the camps, 
The different coloured scarves, sweaters and hair 
During the mass meetings, 
The solemnity of my enrolment, 

Being helped up a tree by an older boy, 
Baloo, or Kim, or someone, 
To win my Athletics badge, 
Winning my first star, my two year badge, 
And my swimming badge 
With its frog symbol, the kindness of the older boys.


Tags: happy, sad, humor, imagery, wishful,

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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
What a delightful piece of nostalgia. I share all of your memories, and implied regrets for what is no longer there.
Carl Halling commented:
Thank you so much, Geoffrey, that you share my memories of the England I knew as a child, and which is no longer there is a real joy to me.
Michael Wise commented:
Though I've never been to England, I can relate to some of my own childhood people and places that no longer are.
Carl Halling commented:
I'm glad you can, Michael, thank you very much for your comment.
Christopher Russon commented:
Lovely poem Carl on nostalgia .I love golden oldies.


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