All the Rivers of Tears

poem by: Carl Halling
Written on Nov 19, 2016

I feel at one with sweethearts
Through the years,
With the wartime lovers
Who went overseas,
All the shattered hearts,
All the rivers of tears,
I feel them all.

Verses of love,
Lovers who must part,
Portraits of love
Worn so very close to the heart,
All the lovers lost,
Loves that never even start,
I feel them all.


Tags: sad, love, inspirational, pain, hope,

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Christopher Russon commented:
This poem is a great piece of work . It makes me think of all those who went to war leaving there loved one behind.Past and present.
Carl Halling commented:
Thank you so much, Christopher, I really appreciate what you say, that was in my heart when I wrote it.
Piya Paul Mudgal commented:
Beautifully thought and composed.


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