poem by: JG Collins
Written on Nov 15, 2016

The Universe is
 a machine.
It's a machine
 that creates.
It has the raw materials 
in the elements.
It has energy sources 
in the stars 
and it has the software 
in mathematics.
It takes these things 
and creates life.
Through life 
it then creates
beautiful things.
We can see
 these things 
all around us.
is a process of 
 within the machine. 
expanding and altering 
the product 
until the desired results
 are achieved. 
biology ultimately 
will create 
intelligent machines 
ever improving the design.
 That's when 
birth occurs.
 The rise
 of the machine's 
The end product.



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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
But you left out LIFE. Do you know any machine that has created anything? In case you think: "What about a computer?" Who wrote the program (and who perceived the result?)


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