Evolution Revolution New World Order

poem by: JG Collins
Written on Nov 10, 2016

Global revolution is in the air. Not militarily, but technologically.
It will be no less disruptive to world order, in fact it will be many magnitudes more. Technology tsunamis will churn  across the globe and back again,
washing away the old world order. What's left in its stead will be radically different. Societies will be rearranged, realigned and in many instances totally washed out of existence. We will communicate wirelessly seemingly telepathically all connected thru the web. The global brain linking up with artificial intelligence when it arrives on the scene. Countries will melt away as those distinctions lose there meaning. Progress will then be so rapid as to be a blur. We'll explore outer space but inhabit virtual space blending the two in ways unexplainable. A Brave New World indeed.




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