A Moment Gone

poem by: JG Collins
Written on Nov 04, 2016

Took a walk with my dog Rosie the other day.
Walked by the orchard on the hill that we go by on our stroll, stopped to look back as I always do. It’s a very pleasant sight regardless of the season. The trees lined up in rows with the sky as a backdrop.
Today as I stared a warm breeze licked my face and that’s when it happened. That combination of events, for the briefest of moments I was taken back in time and remembered how it felt to be 5 years old again. Remembered how it felt before the scars of life were etched on my soul. Remembered the sound of the birds on that warm summers day in my backyard so many years ago. The innocence of thought…. then it was gone. It lasted but the briefest of a moments, barely at all. It was breathtaking. Little by little life takes the innocence away, little by little life piles on until the innocence is gone. It happens slowly but it adds up over time. It’s time that takes the innocence away.
Ultimately, it’s time that will take it all away.


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