One With The Universe

poem by: JG Collins
Written on Nov 04, 2016

What are we?
Why are we?
How do we?
It’s an infinite place and we so very small. We seem so very much apart. Do we even belong? How could we ever learn it all?
We look out, we look up, we look down and we look under. We feel so
very much cut away from it all. Why were we born? Seems to make no sense.
Trillions of points shining as far as the eye can see and far beyond. Information, so much information, more than we could possibly understand. Are we alone? Are we part of a larger family? Are we individuals or a cog in a larger family tree?
Step by step we try to build, we try to understand. So much to know and so little time.
Cannot do it alone, one mind simply not capable of knowing it all.
A collective mind are we. Building machines to store it all help us make sense. The further we go the more we need to know, the more we need to rearrange and organize. Piece by piece the puzzle is built.
Knowledge on top of knowledge is how the model shifts. Generation after generation the collective mind is built. We are not just cogs in the machine, but very much more. The piece of the puzzle we lay becomes part of a larger we. Those who were, are and to be are all very much a part of a larger whole. We are all in fact one with the Universe. Not alone, not apart, but woven into the fabric of space and time, part of a much larger we!




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