The Awakening

poem by: JG Collins
Written on Nov 04, 2016

It began as the second decade of the 21 Century entered middle age, an underlying sense of unease, change. New technology increasingly altering perceptions.
Reality not seeming so sure. Our five senses, were they enough? Were they telling us the whole story, or was most of it hidden from our perceptions? Increasingly questions were being asked. Are we alone? Do we live in a computer simulation, a Matrix? Is there a Multiverse? Parallel dimensions? Quantum mechanics suggested the underlying substructure of reality was just probabilities.
What does that even mean? Are we even bright enough to ask the right questions?String theory, M theory, the theory of everything! What! The Singularity is near, post humanism, immortality. Will people learn to live together or tear each other apart? Are we on the cusp of a golden age or a nightmare? Utopia or dystopia?
Will we ever know the truth?
Yet to be determined



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Frank byrne commented on Oct 05, 2017 at 1:47pm
We will never know the "truth,"........we're not clever enough.......good poem..


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