A Life Worth Living

poem by: JG Collins
Written on Nov 04, 2016

What the human mind can conjure.There is a Creator, in my mind there is no doubt. To some degree I can know a mans mind, but the Creators mind is beyond mine to know. There are charlatans amongst us who’ll tell us they know.The Creator told them so. Religions will show you the way, so they will say. Hundreds of religions will tell you they are the one. How can that be? They all can’t agree? Odds are none of them know. Religion like Government is a human construct to offer control. The few telling the many what to do, how to behave and believe. Power tripping is all they truly have. There may be an afterlife, but there’s no guarantee. We could have been made to live, expire, then no more. I do not know either way. So, what do we do while we are here? We get up off our knees and show our existence had some value, some worth. Work to make our world a better place to live. Open our minds to a better way to be. Humanity and Gaia for now is all we truly have, make this existence as good as can be. Pray to the Creator if you wish, I do In bed every night. I don’t need a religion to do so. What will you say on the day you expire. Can you look in a mirror, will you really even care? Will your life even matter?




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