Why We Have God(s)

poem by: JG Collins
Written on Nov 04, 2016

Humankind has been grasping for knowledge from
the beginning, fear of the unknown was always forbidding.
Why does the wind blow?
Why does the sky crack open with light, sound and fury?
Why do the oceans roil with such anger?

How does the unknowing mind handle such things?
Gods is what we said. It’s gods that make all the unknown knowable.
This work for us, it help it makes sense.

As time went on we learned things, we learned why the wind blows,
why the sky cracks open with light, sound and fury,
and why the ocean roils with such anger.

As our knowledge grew the gods began to melt away, so now for many at least there is just one.
We have gathered up great knowledge over time and have eliminated many gods along the way.
One big question we’ve not yet answered is, were do we go when we die?

A great unknown to be sure. God is the answer for some.
It helps them make sense.
God is the one!




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