poem by: JG Collins
Written on Nov 04, 2016

Sciences has opened our eyes on many fronts.
We have learned much, but there is infinite knowledge to go.
The Universe is larger than humans can possibly know.
Our Universe as large as it is, is dwarfed in the Multiverse.
So much information the Multiverse has to show.
Our Universe just one of an infinite amount.
As humans struggle in their mote of existence,
it’s important they keep this in mind.
We get caught up in our little existence thinking this is all there is.
We are just specks of dust in the play of reality.
With all this in mind, humility of our existence should help us grow, and move toward a better way.
The path we’d take will differ from the one were taking today.
Hopefully, humility can show us the way.



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Edward shields commented:
This poem not so good.
Frank byrne commented on Dec 20, 2017 at 3:10pm
.......our universe must be the equivalent to a bubble in a freshly poured pint of Guinness!........and I love a pint of Guinness......


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