poem by: Emilee Rodriguez
Written on Oct 04, 2013

I'm hurting.
Do you not understand?
There's something wrong with my head. 
I close my eyes and my heart cries.
For, I cannot keep the tears in their duct. 
I cry when no one's around
I'm quite, my mouth makes no sound
My mind does all the crying
My blood are their tears 
My heart cries just like a song.
It plays all night long



Tags: sad, depressing, deep, pain,

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greg woods commented:
Julie Morris commented:
A previous user commented:
Sadly sweet
Aiysha Homer commented:
our sadness makes us feel alone and we feel misunderstood! hope you have someone who helps!
Iron Fist commented:
Yes I very much understand, apparently it's normal. So the head she'd tell me. Quiet, not quite. Keep writing while cry, it helps.
Jude kyrie commented:
Soulful sad self awareness crafted well in short poem I liked it FYI small typo in Quiet--I think you meant Quiet Jude
Robert Folland commented:
The tears we shed should be mesmerized. The happy one's that dropped on the floor, recognized by a soul that is passionate. Love for yourself is a shine that no one can take, Be hole to your self and love your mistakes.
Cambria L. commented:
very pretty
Michael Harlin commented:
Good poem so great in so little words check out my works to
Elizabeth Ladji commented:
aww w this is a touching poem. Well written
J S commented:
So you're basically saying that you're sad inside and no one can see it. You're hiding and you keep it all inside for no one to see. you put on a mask every day to hide your true feeling, and everyone believes the mask, not whats behind it....because their clueless to know what really lays behind the mask...its a good poem I really like it
Frank J. Davis commented:
Very emotive, Emilee!
Kathleen Woods commented:
Beautifully written!
adam doom commented:
Sorry. I'm just not into it.
Madelon Hucks commented:
WOW this is really good it describes thoughts or at least negative ones.
Romina Pimpinella commented:
This is really good
Micaela Dawn commented:
This totally soundds like me! I love it!
Milton Robertson commented:
A sad and heart grabbing poem. I like the poem, a cry for help. Been there Done that. Look up. Don't pout and have no doubt, for what ever life bring Remember, HE can do all things.
Micaela Dawn commented:
I totally relate to this!
Candace Coleman commented:
I understand what you feel๐Ÿ˜”
Elizabeth J White commented:
selam mussie commented:
pretty touchy poem Emilee
A previous user commented:
When I lost Christie I stopped feeling. Although I portray tears I have a thalidomide face for I cannot show what feast upon me on the inside. I'm inspired by your metaphors to where as inside you feels.
Ernest Areheart commented:
I like it. Powerful.
Melissa Marker commented:
This hits beneath the surface
Edward fabela commented:
Hey, deep poem it is nice emilee. Keep you're head up ๐Ÿ˜Š
Arcassin Burnham commented:
Mike Kuplevatsky commented:
Good work! Very interesting, it's always good to be honest, especially when you're hurting.
Stephanie Warwick commented:
This is great and straight from the heart. You pour out your emotions right from the start. Your hurting and in pain that's we can all see. I hope you get to where you want to be xxx
Stephen thurlough commented:
Geoffrey Price commented:
interesting little piece.
Jim Hatfield commented:
Powerful portrayal of, what seems to be, a desperate need to communicate.
Marilyn ward commented:
Deep pain, well described
Phylis Martin commented:
Great work! Really emotive!
Christopher Russon commented:
With sad thoughts follows happy thoughts and spring is here time to sing.Lovely poem
Amia Jorge commented:
Sad yet really deep and insightful
newtowriting S commented:
Amia Jorge commented:
Wow this is really good
Ch'erie de Perrot commented:
We do! We need too. Well said :) Cdp
Lewis Smith commented:
Very deep
Shanta commented:
One way to express the world we experience - I wonder what's nice about it????
Matty Guerrero commented:
This was absolutely amazing! I am a young poet (15 years old) and I write poems just like this one.
Sun Chaser commented:
Fauxcroft wade commented:
Alas this world appears so painful to people who view it with open eyes and see it for what it is. The duality of life means though that we need to experience the bad things to appreciate the good. The pain as well as the joy. The heartbreak as well as the love. Your words are amazing and in time if you make right choices and focus on self love and kindness your life too will be amazing if am sure.
Dean Delfer commented:
Emotional but compelling.
Stephen Dobson commented:
Ja Ja commented:
Your crying hearts song Will make your soul strong Just, don't stay sad too long Thank you for your thoughts


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