Sparsholt Sonnet

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Oct 17, 2016

A poem about a summer school at Sparsholt College, Winchester, teaching young people from all across the world

In Sparsholt skies red kites are flying over
The downland grasses rich with fragrant clover
Their slender wings teach others how to soar
On summer winds that warm the valley floor
While round tall eaves the tiny martins wheel
Ancestral purpose drawn from Afric field
Sharing this brief sojourn from roosts abroad
With others who have slipped their home-bound chord
In mead and classroom vernal migrants meet
From divers lands of south and east they come
With teachers and fun-masters soon to greet
The youthful pilgrims and to beat the drum
Of learning, friendship, tolerance, but more
May they also teach their charges how to soar


Tags: happy, rhyme, inspirational, imagery,

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Very good poem. Your writing has a very nice touch of providing descriptive elements throughout the verses. Great expression. (and not overdone in any way)....Concise and to the point.
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it
Annie Kirby commented:
This took me on an enchanting adventure! Thank you!
Maria Williams commented:
Oh but to soar like an eagle or enjoy the excitement of the tiny martins. What a wonderful place to encourage tolerance where racism has no place. Thanks for sharing


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