The Great Meadow

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Oct 14, 2016

The Great Meadow

Beyond the high hedge the great meadow extends to the  sky
Its fallow grasses fanned into waves by a breeze.    
While down the slope the bearded barley and rye 
Make a downy golden fabric that clothes the leas

The largest field in England, so it's opined
Though a child beside an endless Kansas prairie
Beneath heavens that can be reached by heart and mind
No distant scene but a piece of homeland friendly

As I walked its hidden life became revealed
A  pheasant ran with ungainly comic indignity
A startled cat leapt  from a nest concealed
And a sky lark rose to sing an unfettered symphony

Across the counties were such prospects planned
From days when mighty shires hauled their wains
And still the fields and hedgerows shape the land
So let it ever green and pleasant remain


Tags: happy, rhyme, imagery,

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Aina A commented:
That is very beautiful. An uplifting poem, very pleasant to read.
Agree with Aina's review. Very uplifting poem with a beautiful sense of serenity in the descriptive verses. Well written.
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Your feedback is valuable to me. Thanks
Christopher Russon commented:
I feel like I am walking through the meadows reading your poem.well written.
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Thanks for the response


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