Without A Shadow Of Doubt

poem by: Jay Shades
Written on Oct 13, 2016

I know without a shadow of doubt,
That loving another person
Can bring deep emotions crying out.
Louder than i can fathom,
Without a shadow of doubt.
If a soldiers actions speak louder than words, 
Is he more qualified to shout?
With a prize of nobility and honour
Without a shadow of doubt,
While the earth exist,
There will be cold and heat,
Snow and rain.
Giving and receiving,
Death and pain. 
Compliments and interest,
Find its way in faith believing.
Without a shadow of doubt,
Hope would be my last word breathing.


Tags: love, inspirational, deep, hope, wishful,

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Micah Griffie commented:
Love the ending!
Christopher Russon commented:
I love this poem.
Tara Marie commented:
Your talent exudes through the usage and organization of ur words. Very nice indeed <3


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