Tears Of Ice

poem by: Cecilia Crasto
Written on Sep 21, 2016

 Mothers are crying tears of ice
The children have turned to drugs and crime
In despair they plead with celestial beings
To mend the fragments of shattered dreams
Candles burn brightly on marbled altars
Incense rising in diaphanous swirls
Hands joined heads bowed lips silently move
Tears fall and doubts are cast
About parenting skills in the past
Lead them back Dear Lord they pray
Our beautiful children have gone astray
Satan is playing with our girls and boys
They love his playground he provides the toys
The wheeling, dealing, using and abusing
This is the life the children are choosing
Talking is done with guns and knives
Playthings to them the scourge of lives
Mothers are crying tears of ice.


Tags: sad, faith, deep, pain, fear,

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Micah Griffie commented:
I like your poem!
Christopher Russon commented:
Well written poem. Children are a worry. They go through a rebellious stage but come through it in most cases.
Fauxcroft wade commented:
Powerful and full of meaning. Wonderful
PAUL D commented:
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Striking title and powerful use of words.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Much appreciate all your constructive comments.
Martyn Grindrod commented:
Your work is inspiring
Maria Williams commented:
Sad times we live in now, making parents doubt their parenting skills. I love your style of writing, very inspiring.
Frank byrne commented:
Powerful poem Cecilia.....teenagers today are surrounded with temptations...it must be so hard to say no to the devil.....
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Thanks Frank,I think a generation has been stolen and I fear for their future.


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