poem by: Markquan Sapp
Written on Sep 17, 2016

What is this I see a hunting figure in front of me it’s dark as can be such a ghastly being eyes as cold as can be seems like there staring thru my soul taking control of me this hunting thing just stares at me it does not breath are even come near me but it terrifies me

 I start to run but it follows me as quickly as it can always in front of me beating me across the room as I zoom across the floor it stops me right at the door I fall to the ground but I could not hear a sound are fell my body hit the ground what must this be the feeling of the end is starting to come to me I make my peace

 “ O brother well you ever forgive me for what I have done I only wanted her lust not her love but we all took it to far I did not mean to take the breaks out your car now your gone away from me too far for me to tell you I’m sorry for killing you but I could not bear it any longer you were going to find out one day so at last I say I hope you rest in peace in this beast eats me for what I have done know come on I want run I’m ready to burn for what I have done” 

it moved closer to me stare still as cold as can be it removed its dark hoodie I could not believe what I see in front of me it was not death hunting me but my brother ready to feast upon me he pulled me of my feet in gave a crazed look to me it was the most horrific thing I ever seen I scream

“O dear brother forgive me in let me be please make peace” suddenly the floor rips from under me flames surround me the devil laughs at me in my brother release me into hell where I shall burn for eternity


Tags: dark,


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poem by markquan sapp

What is this I see a hunting figure in front... Read more