Living Hell

poem by: Allan P Stevens
Written on Sep 04, 2016

Title-----Living hell----By Allan P Stevens
As I sit here listening to the silence
Within the walls of this padded cell
Deep thoughts enter my conscience
Holding me captive in my living hell
They say I have gone a little crazy
They say I need some medical help
What do they know about my sanity?
They are not captive in my living hell
Feed me drugs that mess with my brain
Saying they will help to make me well
Wonder if those in charge are to blame
Here I am, still captive in my living hell
Once I was a soldier brave and bold
They even put badges upon my lapel
I was a fighter with my story left untold
Leaving me captive in my living hell
Was I born to be crazy, mad, or insane?
I was normal as far as anyone could tell
They sent me to shoot kill and maim
Turning me captive in my living hell
When you see an old soldier about town
With a few badges pinned to his lapel
Give him a smile, look at him proud
He may be one who has lived through hell


Tags: sad, rhyme, anger, pain, fear,

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A previous user commented:
This is heart breaking. Our soldiers are treated like garbage. Society just throws them away. Not crazy. Traumatized. Then abused again by a system that doesnt want to deal with the mess its made.
Christopher Russon commented:
Lovely poem. A sad fact. I have seen traumatized soldiers in my neighbour hood. Shattered lives .many turn to drink and even worse.
Allan P Stevens commented on Nov 25, 2017 at 10:41am
Thanks to both of you for your positive comments


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