On Fathers Day

poem by: Raychill Ellisonwonderland
Written on Sep 03, 2016

Here’s a poem, a rhyme, a lyric for thee, 
I’ll post it to online because it is free.

It salutes and exults your role in our lives,
Your bravery and fairness and strength make us thrive.

Our kids are all cool and sturdy and stable,
Because of your firm hand and you’re the head of our table.

You protect your own with the fiercest of growls and those that have felt it, 
You’ve made move their bowels.

I could go on forever because this is fun, But will stop now and wish you, 

A Happy Father’s Day,...MUM.

From your kids.


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Christopher Russon commented:
Nice poem.My dad was firm but me I am the opposite.
Roxanne Dubarry commented:
I am glad you love and honor your father. I never loved nor honored mine! He has been deceased for several decades. I need to forgive both of us! You are right! It is free to both thee and me! I loved your tribute poem to your father!
Raychill Ellisonwonderland commented:
Hi Roxanne. Thank you for your comment. I will make this more clearer in my poem because it is actually my Mother that I am hounouring. As above "...Happy Father's Day 'Mum'". She is mother 'and' father to my siblings and I. I have gotten to a space where I have no feelings when it comes to having an actual father in my life. Thanks again Roxanne, and go well with your need to forgive.
Frank byrne commented:
Nice little twist at the end Raychill......some mums have to be tough as dads...when dads are not around..........lovely poem....


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