poem by: Cecilia Crasto
Written on Aug 20, 2016

I look in the mirror and a man's face I see
With masculine pride looking back at me
On close inspection I perceive a MO
A single hair sprouts on my chin below

We know Adam's rib did fashion Eve
But why set out us girls to deceive
Did nature conspire with celestial beings
To bring us down and shatter our dreams

Will presents now be shaving lotions
No fancy perfumes creams and potions
I've finally come to this conclusion
We live our lives in complete delusion

Now why do men not experience the change
This quirk of nature does seem very strange
They look more distinguished as they grow old
With inflated egos they become more bold

They say cross dressing is all the rage
A whole new chapter a brand new page!


Tags: happy, humor, rhyme, imagery,

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Lourdes Luna commented:
Really strong. I enjoyed this!
Christopher Russon commented:
I like your poem.humorous good rhyming and good imagery.
Q. Ramirez commented:
Reminds me of "Her for Her", good poem.
Edward shields commented:
I really enjoyed poem, until the last two verses.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Thank you for your honesty Edward, but it is true, you men age so well compared to women!
Frank byrne commented:
I draw the line at wearing high heels.........but when I get home....I can't wait to rip the wife's corsets off!!......because they're bloody killing me!....hahaha........loved the poem Cecilia...
Cecilia Crasto commented:
You are a funny man Frank, sad though about what happened in Manchester today. Thanks for the comment.
Frank byrne commented:
The country is devastated over the bombing Cecilia.......even more so our area........it's disturbing to know that it happened so close to where we live...but life has to go on........one of the fatalities is a young 15 yr old girl known to one of our friends........so very, very sad...


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