poem by: Cecilia Crasto
Written on Aug 07, 2016

She howls with the wind and dances with fire
She kindles the flames on the funeral pyre
With ribbons of gold she streaks the sky
And sheds her tears on land that is dry

She tramples the wheat so lush in the field
And nurtures the corn to a golden yield
She spreads her tentacles far and wide
Stirs up tsunamis and ebbs with the tide

She scales the mountain and tears it apart
Spews out it's lava and rips out it's heart
She rides the waves of a stormy sea
And colors the leaves of the Autumn tree

She lights the stars to shimmer the sky
And blows away storms that linger on high
With a single stroke she weaves her magic
And turns to joy what once was tragic

Princes and paupers to her they're the same
She casts them aside with haughty disdain
The decisions she makes are hers alone
She reigns supreme from her lofty throne.


Tags: happy, rhyme, imagery,

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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
A beautiful and perceptive poem, giving two (or more) sides to Mother Nature, without sentimentality.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Thank you Geoffrey, much appreciated.
Edward shields commented:
Great poem. We seem to write the same. Check out my poem mother nature's crying.
Christopher Russon commented:
Lovely poem Cecilia. Mother nature is so unpredictable.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Thank you Edward, we are nature lovers and appreciate the world in which we live, loved your poem.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Thank you for your support and kind comments Christopher, I do appreciate them very much.
Frank byrne commented:
Another lovely poem Cecilia.......Mother nature really is in control......and so are you with your lovely rhymes.......
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Thank you Frank, lovely comments from an excellent writer.
Piya Paul Mudgal commented:


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