Charlotte And Ronnie

poem by: Charlotte Earlam
Written on Sep 15, 2013

When I ...
... open my eyes and the sky is blue,
I think...
... a nice day, what are we going to do...
...Let's go out and play.
So I stomp downstairs all smiles,
get a coffee...
... say to Ronnie -
"Hey Ronnie it's a lovely day let's go out and do something cool and exciting"
And he says -
"Shush mum I'm playing Minecraft move out the way of the telly"
And I say -
"Aaaw come on Ron my little sulky one, get off your arse and lets get stuff done."
So after a bit of gentle persuasion...
... Ronnie gets dressed and we bugger off out,
sometimes with a plan,
sometimes without.
We get a pub lunch if there's money about,
or I make sandwiches if in doubt.
We've had some...
... crackin' adventures let me tell you,
we go to the park and we go to the zoo,
and once...
... during a particularly acute episode of what is now referred to as "When mum goes a bit mental..."
we just fucked off to Berlin.
Ronnie loved that because he got to eat loads of kebabs.
We've watched dolphins off Shell Island,
festivals in Brighton,
got tent and a rucksack and a pole to fly our kite on.
Sometimes friends join us,
bringing guitars and wine and cider,
singing songs...
... we get rowdy...
... Ronnie gets rowdier...
... Ronnie is put in bed.
Sometimes the party continues,
sometimes I'm just too bloody tired.
Often, we just go to the park down the road,
Ronnie skates and I read a book.
When I...
... open my eyes and the sky is grey...
... I close the again.
An hour or so later I open the again and if the sky is still grey...
... I say...
... Shitty day.
I close my eyes again and then an hour or so later...
... RONNIE!!!
Because he's bored now.
He's watched cartoons wrapped in his duvet,
eating cereal...
... loads of cereal...
... unsupervised cereal abuse.
He's bored of TV and Xbox and now he wants to know stuff.
He plonks himself down heavily on my bed...
... "Good morning Mum I've brought the cat look!
And this book...
... will you read it? Can you explain what string theory is??
My brain struggles to process what his query is.
I say "it's not time for me to get up yet"
but it clearly is.
He knows when my mind is bleak and I really can't be arsed...
... Felt tips come out...
... Mum gets a moustache.
Or, he wanders off and I think " Oh how lovely, another half hour in bed"
But what he's actually doing is...
... very quietly, collecting every pair of shoes in the house (and I've got loads)
He waits until I've just dozed off...
... then piles them all up on top of me.
I get out of bed and swear and smoke.
what we like to do...
... is get blankets and boxes and paper and glue,
we make houses and robots and other stuff too...
... a kitchen roll tube is a didgeridoo,
and if we don't feel like tidying up,
we just don't.
We go to the shop and buy cakes and crisps and biscuits and sit on our arses and watch TV.
Me and Ronnie.
We are our family.




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