Searching For You

poem by: Rachel Cartwright
Written on Apr 17, 2012

There I was just searching
 Searching to be happy
 Looking for someone to love
 And for someone to truly love me

There you were just standing there
 Just waiting patiently
 You knew I'd come around
 You waited all this time for me

Then I walked right past you
 Without a second glance
 You looked at me so peacefully
 Yet I didn't give you a chance

And there I was ignoring you
 When you had something important to say
 You were gonna tell me that you loved me
 And that you were the only way

The only way to happiness
 The only true love to be found
 But still I had ignored you
 So I didn't hear a sound

But then I went on my way
 To search again once more
 Forgetting all about you
 Searching again to be happy once more

But then one day it hit me
 I was really wrong
 You were the one I had been searching for
 The one I wanted all along

So then I came running to you
 In your arms I fell and cried
 I said that I was sorry 
For pushing you aside

Then you said you had forgiven me
 And that you'll always love me too
 You had given me eternal happiness
 Now that I've found you


Tags: love, rhyme, faith, inspirational, encouraging,

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Joanne Erickson commented:
I love this, Rachel, my sweet daughter. I'm so happy that you found our God, Jesus. He is soooo good!!!!!!!! and fulfilling!!!!!
Joanne Erickson commented:
Dad read this poem too and he said that it was excellent!! We are so happy that you found our Lord and write poetry so well.
Rachel Cartwright commented:
Rachel Cartwright commented:
anne schulz commented:
I love your poem! Makes you realize that what we want is quite often in front of us
Peter Duggan commented:
Nice write. it is very true that what you are searching for is always just a heartbeat away. so glad yyou found your truth...Peter
Angel S commented:
So wonderful and lifting it is to read this! Bless you and thank you for sharing such beautiful words of poetry!
Royce B commented:
Thanks for sharing this. I often wonder if my love ever felt like this.
teresa Skyles commented:
This was pure love and it touched my heart.
Christopher Russon commented:
Very encouraging.Lovely poem.
john steele commented:
that was so wonderful well written this I can relate to even as if I had written I to searched for so long to try and find happiness only for it had not had taken so long I finnaly found her and it only took 22 years long I am finnaly at piece thank god I didn't go wrong I love this poem it is my favorite by far please keep writing you got talent far beyond most I am never wrong
Rachel Cartwright commented:
Destiny R. commented:
Amazing! honestly love it!


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