Tear Drops

poem by: Ladarius Brown
Written on Sep 05, 2013

Tear Drops 

Let the rain wash my pain away.
Rid me of my sin.
Rid me of my despair.
Oh Lord! Just take it all away!

As the rain releases me into another 
world, I gaze upon my upon my unrealistic
surroundings; hoping to reach it

I shed these tears as the rain drops
cleanse my soul of all the filth of
society; asking God to forgive me
for my actions.

I wipe away the tears and let the 
rain bring in new hope.
Maybe I will come to peace with
God's tears. 

Ladarius Brown


Tags: faith, deep, hope, wishful,

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Rachel Cartwright commented:
Hey this is a really good poem! The imagery and the emotions are really well done. I also love how you used the metaphor of the rain. Good job!
Rachel Cartwright commented:
Oh and I really like the last 2 lines a lot.. A unique perspective.


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