poem by: Darryl Ashton
Written on Jul 08, 2016

My name is Aleksandr Orlov,
and I’m running to be an MP.
It really does sound quite
incredibles, as everything is

But I live in very posh mansion – 
and have got lots of money,
I even prim my lovely fur – in
my luxury new study. 

I watch the MPs on the Meerkat
TV, and I have to honestly say;
‘They all do seem corruptive – 
which they think is okay!’

Let me tell you where I’m comings
from – I have to get things right,
But sometimes it can be noisy
here – and I lack sleep every night.

I always am sitting comfortables – 
and take soothing bubble bath,
In my mansion just like MPs – I
cannot get the staff.

I do have a little helper – and he
is now quite old
His name is Sergie, but he does
not like to be told!

Sergie is the boss – of the meerkat
IT department – 
But sometimes I need to feel his
fur – it causes argument!

But Sergie had a breakdown – 
he say I work him hard – 
But that didn’t wash my fur – 
so I called for Scotland Yard!

We do make many plans – for 
me to be MP – 
But when I wear my gown – I
cannot find my key! 

But recently we had delivery – 
upon our doorstep cold,
It was baby meerkat – this is
what I’m told!

I want to be an MP – and have
my title tree – 
Then I claim more mongoose 
meat – as it will be free!

But life is so tough – I cannot
tell you why – 
But Sergie cares for baby Oleg – 
especially when she cry!

But life is so incredibles – and
I just cannot see,
‘That life really would be grand - 
as Aleksandr MP!!!!’



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Josh Rogan commented:
The way things are going, I'd vote for him no problem! Enjoyed your poem, sir.
Christopher Russon commented:
He may just put the world right.very good poem.
Rhys Aquinas commented on Nov 06, 2017 at 5:21pm
Yessir! I would vote for meerkats over MPs any day.


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