Black and Brown Hoods Sanctified

poem by: Q. Ramirez
Written on Jun 14, 2016

If asperges from His sanctified crib
  Were to sprinkle rain upon these barrios
City-dead facies would hiss in vapors of hell
  Plights of these residential B & B hoods 
Of brother against brother
  Human against human
  Infliction upon inflicted
Already the inferno has come to the living
  Consecrated with divine showers of which no one wins
  Leaving the for real blessed dead to chill
So homies keep their backs to walls
  To stoic witnesses of crimes
  To sardonic laughter of criminals
  To whimperish screams of victims
Dead bodies standing next to each other against walls
All are saturated with holy water that evaporates quickly
  Faster than fast can pop a bullet 
  Through the temple of a smoked corpora
  Or shadows of lives of these B & B hoods
  Evaporating quicker than steam



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Q. Ramirez commented:
This is not hyperbole, this is true South Oak Cliff, Dallas.


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