The Ghost of Mary Jane

poem by: Tiffany Holt
Written on Jun 13, 2016

Tick tock goes the clicking clock,
as time goes by I hear a knock.
I get up and answer the door, 
to find a women her dress was tore.
She had a joint hanging from her lips, I said come in she was still taking hits. She offered me a hit of her weed, I said sure and followed her lead. I looked back at the women in the door, but she wasn't standing there anymore. Am I dreaming? Did I fall asleep? So I bit my lip to see if I'd bleed. I threw myself down on the couch, holding my mouth screaming OOUUCH!! My eyes are red my mouth is dry, I gotta get something to drink before I die. Now the munchies are setting in, so I hit the kitchen high as a hen. Hungry as hell and high as fuck, I look for food but had no luck. I go to my room and  shut the door. Then I hear the knocking once more. I get up and opener door it Was the same lady as before. I froze in shock not sure what to do, she smiled at me and I already knew. She lifted up her hand, I looked down. She had a joint abd we passed it around. Then I asked her if she had a name she said they call me the ghost of Mary Jane.


Tags: happy, humor, riddle, scary, imagery,

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Q. Ramirez commented:
Some ghost are welcomed. Real cool poem.
john steele commented:
that was absalutly a fantastic poem love it kept me in suspense
Christopher Russon commented:
Nice poem and a friendly ghost.
rose gonzales commented:
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
Tiffany......your poems are captivating.....spooky....haha.....
Robert Kohlhammer commented:
Well paced with a real sense of something unexpected in this poem.


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