poem by: Dinesh Chauhan
Written on Jun 06, 2016

A garden full of flowers 
With them I spend many hours 
A lot many varieties 
Known for their qualities
Some blue some yellow some white 
All are really bright. 
Some have bramble 
Where difficult is scramble 
Some have thorn 
Some are norm 
Spines for protection 
Always ready for action. 
All flowers with smiling face 
Spreading cheerful rays, all days 
Presence of flowers bloom 
Makes disappear gloom 
The flowers fragrance 
Used for decorations, in entrance. 
                                                        DINESH KUMAR CHAUHAN


Tags: happy,

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Christopher Russon commented:
I love flowers. People stab you in the back animals attack you from the front well some animals do. But flowers do smile.Lovely well written poem.
Roxanne Dubarry commented:
The flowers serve humanity faithfully, by bringing their fragrance into our lives!


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