A Cup Of Tea

poem by: Dinesh Chauhan
Written on Jun 02, 2016

A day a visitor 
Stood at my door 
My greetings were sweeter 
But he asked for more
Be sat near the flower vase 
I went to get some tea 
I took a costly and a cheap cup 
To really see 
He started to gaze 
In different ways 
As i brought them out 
He chose the costly one 
I quietly sat beside him 
Having tea in the cup that is cheap 
Where from and what to start 
I have to use an idea that is deep 
You chose the costly cup, i can see 
But the purpose you took the cup 
Was to have the tea 
And nothing else 
Similar is our life 
The cups were the options 
Tea was the life 
Cups enacted as disruptions 
You chose the best 
Choice for yourself 
But that is not the life 
It enacts similar to a knife 
Life is to make 
All your the best 
For the sake 
To know your life's quest 
                                                          DINESH KUMAR CHAUHAN


Tags: inspirational, deep,

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A previous user commented:
I like this poem. We judge too much by appearance when we should be looking at intention. By the way I would have chose the lesser cup.
Interest take on symbolism. Nice read.


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