Life Is To Live

poem by: Rachel Cartwright
Written on Apr 17, 2012

Today may not go right
 And may be full of sorrow
 But there is one life to live
 And hope for tomorrow
A hope of a new day
 Full of dreams to be fulfilled
 Tons of goals to achieve
 To watch life's road be revealed
To see what you'll become
 To live God's wonderful plan
 To store up treasures in heaven
 And let God guide you through His hand
You could change the world
 If you really tried
 You could make a difference
 You could save lives
But life is made to live 
And life's not made to destroy
 You are so valuable
 You are not made as a toy
Today may not be perfect
 But just keep pressing on
 Tomorrow will be better
 And today will soon be gone
Tomorrow, the chance to start over
 The chance to do things right
 The chance to make a difference
 And to make the most out of life
You are loved more than you think
 You are needed more than you ever knew
 Cause they are the ones who also need you 
To love and encourage them too


Tags: rhyme, faith, inspirational, encouraging,

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Stephen Erickson commented:
great poem rach
Rachel Cartwright commented:
thanks! :D
Chelsea Jones commented:
me too
Tanner Early commented:
This gave me a sense of happiness in the world around. great write!
Roxanne Dubarry commented:
What a beautiful Christian inspirational poem! "Tomorrow, tommorrow, I love you tommorrow is only a day away." If things are not going your way remember, " He has the whole wide world in His hands." "God will take care of you through every day through all the way...." God loves you and so do I.
Alli Steward commented:
i needed this :)
Hannah Duren commented:
This poem is amazing.!(:
Roxanne Dubarry commented:
Dear Rachel, You are a beatiful Christian lady, and poet. I simply loved your faith based poem. Love in Christ Jesus! Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Angela love commented:
I like this it gives me hope on bad days.
rednekk bigott commented:
Very sweet poem, I like it.
Dan Cooper commented:
Thats a great poem even better than mine
Tonya Fischer commented:
I love the way your play on words Connects the reader to your pain Love it love it love it
Michelle Vargas commented:
Amazing poem <3 it's very inspirational, kind of made me change my points of view of this life (:
greg woods commented:
There is a lot of powerful messages in this poem, which invokes insights into the reader the more one dwells on it. Each part has its own message, like many poems in one.
Freesa Khan commented:
Very lovely poem, helps pick you up when your feeling down!
Lemonia Sims commented:
Great poem, Rachel. Very well said!!!!!
owen cullimore commented:
Your right never forget there's always tomorrow. Great poem
Peter Duggan commented:
I enjoyed your inspirational poem. The secret to life is to be here now. he past is gone and the future never comes. You can do this with or without religion. Thanks for the read...Peter
Rick Wheeler commented:
Very well written, job well donw
Brandon Arch commented:
Wow Rachel great poem. My Dad died six months ago but three weeks before he died he gave his heart to Jesus. Thanks for the poem it really lifted my spirits.
Patricia Wilton-King commented:
Life is to Live poem, very touching, inspiring.
ann parks commented:
thaks so much ...we all need reminding that we are worth it....ann
Jewel Adams commented:
Beautiful poem! Thank you:-)
Jewel Adams commented:
Such a beautiful poem! It flowed perfectly and I really enjoyed it.
wanda Sheldrick commented:
very good.
Kara Mumme commented:
What a talent you are Rach! Beautiful poem!
Trina Stacey commented:
Truly inspirational ..a lovely message of hope
Karen Flenner commented:
This is so easy to understand,beautiful and so true.
Aiysha Homer commented:
love the possitvity :0) well done! x
A previous user commented:
You spark emotion "gee wiz!" thanks a lot Rachel.
Frank J. Davis commented:
A skillfully crafted, thoroughly gratifying read, Rachel. Excellent!
Vijay Beck commented:
That's right Rachel as long as GOD is in life with you!
Jude kyrie commented:
Inspirational and thought provoking written with clear honesty well Penned Jude
Vijay Beck commented:
Rachel, I'm curious why Popular creativity never changes, and why we can't open that up, along with the top work of art creativity?
Gary Emerson commented:
just so true
Micaela Dawn commented:
That is soo good! I can totally relate!
Milton Robertson commented:
Outstanding, So true, true, true. Keep on keeping on. A lovely poem.
Jennifer Carter commented:
This is lovely!
Micaela Dawn commented:
This is really good
pat hoban commented:
simple true and great to read
Elizabeth J White commented:
love it
Ernest Areheart commented:
Very lovely. I like the structure and how you use simplistic words to create such a resonating effect.
Summer Duncan commented:
Thank you for this
Melissa Marker commented:
This made me happy I like it
Edward fabela commented:
Extremely motivational 😊
Kara Mumme commented:
Made me smile :)
Suidi nur commented:
This poem gave me goal to live. Nic poem I really really really liked it
marilyn clarke commented:
liked your poem
Timothy Nelson commented:
Very well done. Painted a picture of life's travels. "Clarksdalepoet"
Marlene Parmenter commented:
Great poem. So true.
Wendy Phelan commented:
An uplifting poem, love it Rachel
Wendy Phelan commented:
An uplifting poem, love it Rachel
M Losthere commented:
Like your work.. Is this your website?
This site sucks, I'm leaving commented:
Very nice; poems like this keep me focused, and I thank you for it.
cheryl ashmore commented:
very true....good luck! well done!
Charde' Ridgeway commented:
great poem
Marilyn ward commented:
Nice encouraging poem
Christopher Russon commented:
Really lovely poem well written
Amia Jorge commented:
I love this
Amia Jorge commented:
You are so talented
Josh Frye commented:
Very positive all around.
john steele commented:
so much love the detail well written and rhyming to loved the set up and playful words display you did very wonderful on this poem today I love to read them there so inspiring I loved reread this one it brought a tear to my eye lid
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Truly inspiring and encouraging.
Fauxcroft wade commented:
Love it. Very inspirational.
Lorson. sr commented:
Your tags use are perfect choices to explain the thoughts of this absolutely wonderful poem! I have written many spiritual poems that have helped others to feel better about themselves and deal with their tribulations of life! Please keep up writing these excellent poems. You may do a lot of people to feel good!
rebeka Philips commented:
Inspiring poem. Optimistic.
Dean Delfer commented:
Certainly an encouraging poem Rachel. Seems convinced of a desire for the future improvement of all things.
Stephen Dobson commented:
So good!
Gemma Marsh commented:
Lovely poem
Colan Hiatt commented:
Rachel, this is a great poem that gives insight for our day-to-day life. It is inspirational, and the rhyming is also very good! Keep up the good work.
Maria Williams commented:
I love encouraging poems like this. Well written
Edward shields commented:
Good read
DONALD FRANCIS commented on Dec 15, 2017 at 10:10pm
enjoyed this


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