Body Frictions

poem by: Q. Ramirez
Written on May 27, 2016

This unnegatable reality
like a tree or rock
Wasted on nights that stay dark
with blind vitrified eyes

They know the customs - these lives of humans
that intertwine in dialectical allusions of life
Nefariously speaking of this
mute gullibility that transcends
thirty-three years of nights
with thirty-three years of walls
A mana of time strips tangles
of voices and moans left but in this head

Now nothing is left but the memories
made pellucid by an acid mind
So as definitive like statues
tacit bodies are destroyed pleasurably
in the quietudes of friction
and meaningless sex



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Christopher Russon commented on Oct 25, 2017 at 10:07pm
Well written poem .very good.


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