dark days

poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

Girls hates you cause you speak the truth..
Guys hates you cause you won't send nudes..
You think your family hates you too..
Cause your the black sheep..
You think you can only find love in the knife that cuts you deep..
Makes you bleed..
Tears fill your eyes..
Blood falls from the fresh cuts..
You don't know what to do..
Don't know what to think..
Yet at the same time all your thoughts cloud your mind..
You lay awake in bed..
Another sleepless night..
Don't know what to do..
But another cut comes along..
You say "last one.. Last one..last one"..
But you know that ain't the truth..
Cause your already at 50 and still going for more..
You know it won't help..
That you'll have to deal with the pain.. The scars..
And the questions asked..
But that's okaii to you.
You've dealt with this before..
Already thought of all the lies you need to cover up the truth..
But never thought.. 
That someone would see through them..
Never thought you'd let someone in..
But you did..
And now you don't want them to leave..
The reason for you to still be breathing..
Is just because of theyre smile..
Just because they are with you..
But you know you can't force your love..
That one day..
After trying so hard..
Your trying would mean nothing and they'll leave..
And youll be back to those dark days...




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