the system is corrupt

poem by: Melissa Blan
Written on May 26, 2016

The system is corrupt..
Its breaking apart..
Things are no longer seen with the eye of justice but with eyes close and pockets full of money..
It no longer matter people say..
If they ain't got a penny to there name there's no helping them..
Jails are getting filled with people who don't deserve what they got..
But pockets of the government are getting filled with hush hush money..
Lawyers aren't really helping when they know there wallets ain't getting filled..
So instead they fill there mouths with lies..
Where the justice at..
People are scared of their government..
But its the government who should be scared of its people..
Don't you see..
The justice is gone..
Fairness.. Equality.. Respect..
Its all gone..
Can't you see..
Everyone is a victim.. 
But in their eyes there most be a criminal.. And it can't be them..
The more you can hush it up and fill their pockets the more of a victim you are..
Maybe its time for people to take justice and make them realize that we do see them..
We do know..
And we aren't afraid..
We can change this all around...




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